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Looking to find a used car or truck online? Bob Howard Chevrolet is a top choice.

Buying your vehicle online may feel overwhelming, but the upside of shopping for your next car online is abundant. The time saved (versus going car shopping) is maybe the most notable reason to buy your next vehicle on our website. ​Time-consuming parts of the process like filling out the paperwork can be done at your own pace. Plus, while dealerships have strict hours of operation, a website never closes. This is especially beneficial if you don’t have time to shop during a ‘regular’ day. You can shop the huge selection of pre-owned cars, get financed, and arrange a test drive at home all without changing out of your pajamas.

We Have Lots of Quality Used Cars

We Offer A Superior Pre-Owned Car Selection

Check out a superior selection of cars online from a name you trust. Potential buyers can still order the exact new vehicle they desire, but it may take a long time for it to be delivered. If you must have a replacement car immediately, your biggest options to select from will be used vehicles. Searching vehicles online gives buyers the choice of viewing just the cars they want without having to wander the lot to search for them.

Take Delivery from Your Home

Take a Test Drive from Home

Try taking a test drive, but from home! ​We understand that many people are working from home more than ever and going to a dealership may be inconvenient, so we will bring the test drive to you! You don’t have to spend your lunch break driving to the dealer, just set up an appointment and one of our trained partners will bring the car to you and answer any questions. Have you found the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of? Finish your online purchase and let us know where to deliver your vehicle.

Finance A Used Car Online

Pre-Owned Vehicle Financing Online

Get your financing paperwork done at your speed, and when you have time. As we said above, you can complete any paperwork that’s necessary and complete your deal when YOU are ready. Find your car from our online selection, take the test drive, and then complete your deal by picking your choice of financing options. We have several lenders to partner with and offer highly aggressive rates. Many times we can offer better rates than what you might be able to get from your own bank.

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Sell or Trade In Your Car or Truck Online

Bob Howard Chevrolet makes it simple to trade in or sell your car, truck, SUV, or van. We take the inconvenience out of selling or trading in your car or truck and you will be certain that you will get the best value for it. Visit our dealership in Oklahoma City, OK in person or online to get started.


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